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一、The express item contains the tax import 
What is the express item declaration (expresses gratification hands over declaration, express delivery declaration)? 
The express item declaration is refers to by the express item company name submits the express item quotation to the customs (a KJ1, KJ2, KJ3 kind of declaration form and so on), carries on the cargo by the express item form the entry way. 
Why chooses the declaration, the express item declaration has what characteristic? 
1. Procedural especially Jan. Passes in and out laws and regulations and so on express item supervision means according to the country to stipulate, to adapt the express item achievement “the fast commercial operation way to contract, undertakes to transport entering/leaving country cargo, goods” declaration, in the supervision condition as well as the entry (declare clear pass) in the procedure, did has a series of been for the purpose of simplifying the procedure, sped up the speed the special arrangement. Therefore, in the ordinary circumstances, does not need the cargo owner to provide the declaration form specially, goes through customs the single card, the permit/written instructions to a subordinate (for instance: the 3C country compulsion authentication, the environmental protection certificate, the import quota and so on does not need). 
2. The expense is especially low, according to laws and regulations and so on national entering/leaving country express item supervision means stipulated that the express item entering/leaving country may enjoy certain taxes and fees to reduce the preferential benefit. In addition Shenzhen approaches Hong Kong this international free port the geography superiority, the ease of operation, the tax rate is low, the operation expense is low, the cost is naturally lower. 
3. Speed express. At the same time, above supervision condition because are few, procedure simple and so on reasons, simplified the procedure, has saved naturally also the time; On the other hand, manifests the express item through the process in and the clear pass as well as the inspection speed “quickly”. Also has is the express item customs supervision center evening and Saturday equally goes to work. 
In which kind of situation, which kind of goods most suit in uses the express item declaration (express declaration) the import way? 
1. Light casting bulk cargo, few samples and advertisement and so on; 
2. Lacks certain units (for instance do not have the 3C authentication) each product; 
3. Goes through the trade declaration custom clearance procedures without enough time the tight priority; 
4. Wants to save the cost, and does not need to rise in value tax receipt each product; 
5. Individual personal effects. 
If is the large amount big-ticket item cargo, may also through the express item declaration import? Also has the superiority? 
The previous ton on ten ton bulk cargoes, above already mentioned that definitely may the entire vehicle declare at different times in turn, certainly, in altogether cargo speed will come as the matter stands under certain influence; But, procedural Jan and the expense lower these two superiority are especially especially same. Therefore its superiority still did not allow to underestimate. 
二、Entire cabinet pays the import 
In view of high difficulty entire cabinet goods, express item import method possibly not convenient operation, what we have adopted is the entire cabinet pays the import, needs the material which the customer provides to include: Packing list, receipt, HS code, cargo weight, specification, picture and so on as well as related Shan Zheng. So long as provides these information and the single card, our declarant goes to the customs to calculate the cost, then quotes price for you. Expense generally according to cabinet computation! Contains the customs duty and so on any expense this kind of cargo to suit, waste plastic, waste hardware, entire cabinet machine, non-single card returned goods import, frozen cabinet, plastic, cotton material, lumber and so on. 
三、Generally trade import 
If the customer can provide any single card, and needs to draw up the customs tax receipt and the increment tax receipt, we use the general trade import, needs the visitor to provide the packing list, the receipt, the HS code, the cargo weight, the specification, the picture and so on as well as related Shan Zheng. The expense divides into generally: The commission fees, the declaration expense, tows the fare, the commodity inspection expense, the customs duty, the increment duty and so on. 
四、Pays the export declaration 
The expensive factory (company) only need provide the cargo manifest (including product range material, net weight, gross weight, box number, integer, product specification, goods value, brand, to export port and so on) the material or provides the proof plate or the product picture instruction booklet, this department then handles each declaration, the newspaper for you to examine and so on custom clearance procedures, guaranteed that the cargo security, goes through customs quickly.