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Silk Culture
Has a long history of development.
As early as 5,000 years ago, the Chinese had already succeeded in Taming the wild SilkWorm, which silk fabric made from.According to China's distribution area of silk remains, sericulture and silk production had spread to most parts of the country, and the formation of a number of local silk famous product.Silk production at that time was the center of gravity in middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River.
After the Wei, Jin, the North suffering from war, relative economic steady development in the South, silk production gradually to the South the center of gravity shifted.
Jiangnan silk production along Yangtze River middle and lower reaches of the special development soon after the Anshi Rebellion, to the basic formation in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, Sichuan in late Tang dynasty bashu district and three in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
The Yuan dynasty, cotton began to spread throughout the country, further focused silk production area to South area.
The mass production of silk in the South, the North is a large number of consumer of silk.
Special Silk culture
In the long history, Chinese silk has been deeply infiltrated all aspects of the ancient society, have a significant impact on people's lives, production, which has a unique style of silk culture evolved, becoming cream of Chinese cultural treasures.
Development of China's ancient Silk not only enrich the lives of people's clothing, but also enriches the other many other art forms and content, such as literature, poetry, painting, sculpture, dance, folk, in these areas will find contacts with numerous links of silk;
The world-famous silk road was the tie between Eastern and Western culture, commercial exchanges, linking distant Greece culture, Persian culture, promoting merchandise trade between East and West, and promote friendship between the countries, China also won the "Seres" (silk) reputation.
Silk Clothing and supplies have always been Kings and nobles of luxury living
Required, which led to the Government-run weaving Seiko secret agents, development of products to high-end.
Development requirements of production and technological progress, allowing silk production technology for a long period of history, has been in the forefront of the world.
Mulberry cultivation, weaving technology, weaving, embroidery and artistic innovation, as well as the invention of numerous craftsman, promote the State of the art silk technology continues to increase.
We pass various historical periods of cultural relics and handed down today can see evolution of brilliant prosperity at that time.
In the Han dynasty, China's Silk industry Summit for the first time, weaving, embroidery and wide in variety, weaving methods varied, of cultural relics unearthed from the Mawangdui in Changsha, Hunan province is sufficient to demonstrate the development of silk reached the height of the official opening of the Silk Road;
Silk in the Tang dynasty had fame four seas, clothing the world situation, fine weave of superb, patterns, color gorgeous, the silk in the Tang dynasty to achieve perfect height of combining art and technology;
In the Song dynasty, China's Silk weaving, embroidery and art historical leap in weaving of Silk tapestry with cut designs, embroidery has been very mature, rampant copying of traditional Chinese realistic landscapes, birds and flowers, calligraphy and other works of art, became in the history of silk flower;
Ming and Qing dynasty silk more elegant, more aristocratic high to take direction, showing a momentum of the magnificent and Grand splendor, pattern design, Silk weaving skills to the extreme.
5,000 years, writing a brilliant chapter of Chinese silk, in art, technology at an impressive height, category of rich texture of excellent, patterns of the design is elegant, craft weave of superb, amazing!
Such as Silk tapestry with cut designs, Chinese silk brocades, embroidery is the formation of representative reached the height of the demonstrated the Chinese nation's great wisdom, even today these traditional weaving methods of high-tech means insurmountable.
Old Silk culture reflects the infinite charm, with countless topics, we will one by one in the later chapters tell the story of these ancient.